Ludwig & Ludwig "Rialto" Black Beauty Outfit

Ludwig & Ludwig "Rialto" Black Beauty Outfit
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Beautiful circa 1928 Ludwig “Rialto” Drum Outfit with a “Ludwig DeLuxe All Metal Snare Drum.”  As shown in the pictured 1928 Ludwig catalog, the Deluxe snare drum is described with the “De Luxe” plating, black nickel shell and hand engraving. The snare drum is the famous “Black Beauty,” known in 1928 as the De Luxe model, with a two piece shell and standard throw-off. The snare drum is in excellent condition with very minor wear to the black nickel plating and strong 12 point Floral engraving. All the De Luxe plated hardware is in excellent condition.  The drum also retains its original gut snares.  The original single tension bass drum has been re-painted to the original high-gloss black to restore its original finish (it had previously been over-painted silver).  The bass drum hardware is also finished in the De Luxe plating and in excellent condition. The bass drum is equipped with three, working, factory installed interior lights in red, yellow and blue. A flush shell mounted electrical receptacle integrates beautifully with the BD shell and allows easy access for the original cord provided. A nice original Ludwig “Winter Scene” painted head completes the BD and looks terrific with the lights on behind the scene. It is very rare to find a bass drum today with the original lights and wiring in working order.  It is also harder to find a nice painted bass drum head to compliment the bass drum and lights. All of the extra traps that are included, including the original black two-tone Ludwig woodblock and black Chinese tom tom,have been selected to create an outfit great for display or performance right out of the 1928 Ludwig & Ludwig catalog. All trap mounting hardware is nickel plated.

Complete outft includes:

14” x 28’ Artist's Single Tension Bass Drum with De Luxe finish hardware                                     No. 442 12" Genuine Chinese Cymbal w/ No. 417Cymbal Suspender
5” x 14" Ludwig Deluxe hand engravrd Snare Drum w/solid brass shell and De Luxe Finish          No. 429 10" Ludwig American Brass Cymbal         
No. 331 Ludwig Professional Snare Drum Stand                                                                             No. 476 Cymbal Holder
No. 314 Ludwig Junior Pedal with no. 320 Cymbal Holder and no. 324 Spurs                                No. 417 Cymbal Suspender
No. 955 Two-Tone Wood Block (black) and Holder w/Chinese tom mount                                      No. 670 Bass Drum Muffler  
No. 405 10" x 4" Chinese Tom-Tom (black)                                                                                     No. 482 10” Professional Tambourine
No. 481 Double pair Castanets on handle
One Pair Black Wooden Handle Brushes w/nylon wires
One pair vintage Sticks
Ludwig Elementary Drum Method book


General Characteristics
Model No. 1121 "Rialto" Outfit
Era 1900-1928
Condition Excellent, Completely Reconditioned
Extra Holes or Modifications None
Date 1928
Hardware Finish Deluxe - copper
Drum Characteristics
Color Group Black
Shell Size 2-Piece plus traps
Hardware Type Tube Lugs
Shell Construction Brass & Ply
Lug Count Varies
Shell Finish Engraved Brass Black Beauty
Badge Type Oval Brass