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Deagan Round Top catalog No. 1124 Orchestra bells.  This is an early set of Deagan 1 inch bar R..

This is a truly remarkable 3-octave set of Deagan model 1237 wide bar Roundtops. It is one of only a..

Venerable 1930's Deagan model 145 concert vibraphone. These great sounding instruments were made for..

Completely original 3 1/2 octave Deagan 262 Artist Special xylophone with rosewood bars. As shown in..

This is an extremely rare, top-of-the-line Deluxe Deagan xylophone with Nagaed bars. It is truly an ..

This Deagan model 590 Imperial Nocturne vibraphone, all original and in superb condition, is an abso..

Beautiful Deagan 593 Commander vibraphone from 1976. This one-owner instrument is in like new condit..

This is truly one of the legendary Deagan keyboard instruments. The model No. 60 Parsifal bells has ..

For anyone who might have studied with Fred Hinger at his home in Leonia NJ you might have had the p..

A little dusty but still a very fine old “pit” style xylophone with excellent sound.  The Deaga..

Beautiful Deagan No. 844 Drummer's Special with "NAGAED" bars. The bars on this instrument are in im..

Beautifully restored vintage Deagan 870 professional xylophone with untouched bars The Deagan 8..

Vintage Deagan 870 professional xylophone with NAGAED bars The Deagan 870 is the gold standard in or..

Cool Deagan ElectraVibe marketing flyer from the ear;y 1970's. The electically amplified Deagan Elec..

Genuine Deagan No. 140 rosewood Piccolo Woodblock. Deagan made this piccolo woodblock and it is a hi..

Beautiful set of fully reconditioned Deagan “Special” model Orchestra bells. This is a very ear..