Fishtail - Double

New Fishtail - Double
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All original double beater "fishtail" bass drum pedal. In as found condition, this rare double bass drum pedal has all original parts and works perfectly. Commonly referred to as a "fishtail" pedal because of the unique shape of the heel portion of the pedal. The heel is actually three different independent pieces that work together so the player can easily play one or both of the pedals. The center piece flips up out of the way so the one pedal is now split into two. The large beater on the shaft with the bend strikes the BD head while the smaller beater strikes a cymbal mounted to the BD counter hoop. Both beaters are made of hard wood. They may have been covered wth leather or felt at one time. The twin springs are both original and function perfectly. The front of the pedal is designed to hook onto the BD counter hoop without a clamping mechanism. The action on this pedal is suprisingly good. The pedal body is made of cast iron. Much of the original black paint has worn away but there is very little rust on the pedal. If could easily be cleaned up if desired by the new owner. These are rare pedals which will become a center piece in any pedal collection. 

General Characteristics
Model Fishtail
Era 1900-1928
Condition Very Good
Extra Holes or Modifications None
Date 19 teens
Hardware Finish Cast Iron
Size 15" L x 14" H x 5" W