Leedy & Ludwig New Era

Leedy & Ludwig New Era
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Here is a beautfiul, rare example of a complete Leedy & Ludwig "New Era" outfit from 1952. As shown in the attached 1953 Leedy & Ludwig catalog, this is a complete outfit with an additional Leedy & Ludwig Broadway floor tom rounding out the set-up. Leedy & Ludwig drums are high quality instruments that sound terrific. The insides of the ply shells are painted bright white with clear date stamps. The vintage white marine pearl wrap is a consistent, mellow white color across all of the drums and in excellent condition. All seems are tight. The nickel hardware is in excellent condition on all of the drums, stands and attachments. The double link ratchet tom holder is stamped "Leedy & Ludwig". The hi-hat stand has a Leedy & Ludwig pedal. The bass drum muffler and bass drum pedal are Leedy brand parts which are identical to the Leedy & Ludwig equivalents. The bass drum hoops are in excellent condition with vintage WMP inlay replacements. The bass drum has a non-original Slingerland brand chrome cymbal arm attachment that is useful. There are a few blemishes on the floor tom wrap that are hidden by the rim. This is an amazing looking outfit that sounds terrific. Drums from this era have a great vintage sound with a modern configuration. Any player/collector will be thrilled with this set-up

This outfit includes:

  • Model No. 5082 - 14" x 20" New Era Bass Drum (datestemp 5205)
  • Model No. 8056 - 8" x 12 " Broadway Ride Tom (datestamp 5205)
  • Model No. 385 - 4 1/2" x 14" New Era Snare Drum (datestamp 5111)
  • Model No. 8034 - 16" x 16" Broadway Floor Tom (datestamp 5208)
  • Model No. 7782 - Double Link Ratchet Ride Tom Holder
  • Model No. 7563 - Hi-Hat sock cymbal holder
  • Model No. 9044 - Long Cymbal Arm 18"
  • Model No. 9036 - Long Cymbal Arm 22"
  • Model No. 7010 - XL foot pedal
  • Model No. 7098 - Adjustable Giant BD spurs
  • Model No. 7874 - Pressure Bass Drum Muffler
  • Model No. 7382 - Broadway snare drum stand
  • Model No. 7796 - 4 1/2" cowbell
  • Marvel Snare Drum Stand
General Characteristics
Model New Era
Era 1946-59
Condition Very Good
Extra Holes or Modifications Muffler on Snare Drum, cymbal arm holder on Bass Drum
Date 1952
Hardware Finish Nickel
Size 20, 16, 12, 4x14
Drum Characteristics
Color Group White
Shell Size 4-piece
Hardware Type Beavertail
Shell Construction ply
Lug Count Varies
Shell Finish White Marine Pearl
Badge Type Leedy & Ludwig