Leedy & Ludwig New Era

New Leedy & Ludwig New Era
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Mint conditon, rare 1953 Leedy & Ludwig "New Era" snare drum in a beautiful white marine pearl wrap. Leedy & Ludwig branded drums are of the highest quality construction and combine the best of the Leedy and Ludwig brands. This snare drum is in all original, mint condition that would be and ideal example of this drum for a top quality collection.  The nickel-plated hardware and solid brass "stick chopper" counter hoops are perfect. The drum has calf heads top and bottom which appear to be original and only lightly played. The top head has an AMRAWCO (American Rawhide Co.) stamp and the bottom head has a Radio King stamp. The snare wires are original Leedy & Ludwig stamped wires. The interior is bright white with a clear “5303” (March 1953) date stamp. As described in the 1952 Leedy & Ludwig catalog (see image), these drums have a sharp, crisp tone. It is a perfect addition to any mid-century drum collection, as well as a very playable, sturdy drum. Perfect for the be-bop music popular during the 1950's.

General Characteristics
Model No. 385 "New Era"
Era 1946-59
Condition Mint
Extra Holes or Modifications None
Date March, 1953
Hardware Finish Nickel
Drum Characteristics
Color Group White
Shell Size 4 1/2" x 14"
Hardware Type Beavertail
Shell Construction Ply
Lug Count 16
Shell Finish White Marine Pearl
Badge Type Leedy & Ludwig