Leedy Trap Table - Gold

Leedy Trap Table - Gold
Product Code: TRT5
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Rare and beautiful Leedy trap table with nobby gold hardware. As shown in the attached picture from the 1933 Leedy catalog, this full size (14 1/4" x 20 1/2") trap table comes with nobby gold clamps and a full set of nobby gold mounting posts. This table includes 5 straight posts, 2 small z-posts, and 2 large z-posts with threaded tops for cymbals, all in nobby gold. There are a few small age spots here and there on the hardware but it is in excellent overall condition. The gold paint on the wooden rails is in nice condition that looks great with the nobby gold hardwre. There is a clean Leedy logo plate mounted the the top and the top has been re-felted with bright green felt matcing the original. There is a felted block on the bottom of the table to protect the top of the BD while the table is mounted. These early 20th century, BD mounted trap tables are hard to find in this condition and practically unheard of with nobby gold hardware. See our complete collection of matching Leedy nobby gold hardware and attachments to complete your outfit.

General Characteristics
Model No. 7161
Era 1929-1939
Condition Excellent
Extra Holes or Modifications New Table Felt
Date 1933
Hardware Finish Nobby Gold
Size 14 1/4" x 20 1/2"