Ludwig & Ludwig White Enamel Standard

Ludwig & Ludwig White Enamel Standard
Product Code: DSN77
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Rare, fully reconditioned, Ludwig & Ludwig 4”x15” White Enamel snare drum. This is Ludwig’s “Concert Dance” model snare drum with “De Luxe trimmings and White enamel shell finish”. When we discovered this drum is had been refinished in a natural maple. The solid maple shell has original black block letters stencilled inside spelling out “White”. That, in addition to some white paint residue on the shell, confirmed that the drum originally finiehd in white enamel. The De Luxe, art gold finish on the hardware was well worn but had lost much of its original character. GIven these two factors and the rarity of the drum we decided to completely recondition this drum to bring it back to it’s original state. The shell has been repainted with white enamel and the hardware re-plated to match its original finish. There were four small extra holes from a newer strainer that we plugged and can only be seen (if you look hard) from the inside.  Most of the hardware is original to the drum or era with a few exceptions.  A few mounting nuts and bolts have been replaced along and the rim clips and washers, which are new reproductions that are stronger than the originals. The heads have been replaced with Remo Renaissance heads and the snares are newer Ludwig wire snares.  This is an excellent, rare drum for the player or collector.

General Characteristics
Model Standard Professional
Era 1900-1928
Condition Excellent, Completely Reconditioned
Hardware Finish Art Gold
Drum Characteristics
Color Group White
Shell Size 4x15
Hardware Type Tube Lugs
Shell Construction Maple
Lug Count 10
Shell Finish White Enamel
Badge Type Oval Brass