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The Museum offers an archive of unique and special vintage percussion instruments which have recently sold through this site.  

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This is a pre-1920’s 3-tone wooden boat/train whistle attributed to C. Stone, Chicago. Our whistle i..
This is a pre-1920’s truly a colossal sized 3-tone wooden boat/train whistle with tunable flutes and..
This is a rare vintage "All-In-One Trap" sold by both Leedy and Ludwig in their catalogs in the 1920..
Unique early 20th century Auto/Locomotive Chug-Chug imitation. As shown in the 1910 Yerkes "Realisti..
Great sounding early 20th century auto reed horn. As shown in an original 1920's catalog, these horn..
This is one of the most ingenious sound effects we have ever come across. Made by the Barry drum com..
Vintage nickel plated bird flock imitation. As shown in the attached 1920's Nokes & Nicolai..
Rare Bob White slide whistle imitation is similar to the one shown in the 1920 Dixie Music House and..
Vintage hand held rhythm cymbals most commonly refered to as "Bock-a-da-Bock" cymbals. These cymbals..
Beautiful and rare all wood Calf Bawl imitation. As shown in the 1920 Dixie Music House catalog, thi..
When Greorge Way started his company in the late 1950’s he was interested in making quality instrume..
The precursor to Sabian cymbals, the Canadian K. Zildjian stamp was used for only a couple of years ..
Vintage Giant Chee Foo Chinese tom toms. As shown in the attached 1933 Leedy catalog, these were&nbs..
Beautiful seamless nickel plated brass cow moo/calf bawl imitation. This whistle is a full 15 1/2" i..
This is a truly remarkable 3-octave set of Deagan model 1237 wide bar Roundtops. It is one of only a..
Completely original 3 1/2 octave Deagan 262 Artist Special xylophone with rosewood bars. As shown in..
This is an extremely rare, top-of-the-line Deluxe Deagan xylophone with Nagaed bars. It is truly an ..
This Deagan model 590 Imperial Nocturne vibraphone, all original and in superb condition, is an abso..
This is truly one of the legendary Deagan keyboard instruments. The model No. 60 Parsifal bells has ..
Mounted Dog Bark imitation. As shown in the attached pre-1920 Dixie Music House catalog, this dog ba..
Duplex brand wooden police whistle. This is an early example from the Duplex catalog. Beautiful hard..
Vintage fangingle with three pair of standard sized nickel silver tambourine jingles on a 12" long s..
This “Space-Tone” drum was Fred Hingers personal Space-Tone snare drum.  A great example made w..
Well traveled and beaufitul 1960's Gretsch "Bop" outfit in red/tangerine sparkle. This set was playe..
Beautiful and rare all metal Hen Cackle imitation  (Model No S-16 1/2),  as shown in ..
Hinger Space-Tone snare drum in 100% original, mint condition. These Hinger snare drums pr..
This is a new, limited production, Hinger Space-Tone drum with a 6 ½”x14” wood shell.  Thi..
This is a rare opportunity to own an original 12" x 14" Hinger "Space-Tone" field drum.  Only a..
The first “Space-Tone” drum  produced  by Bill Hinger after the discovery in the studio of..
Hinger Touch-Tone Company experimented with different shells.  This is a wood shell Space –Tone..
This is a “Special Made” snare drum for use by Fred Hinger.  His personal standard model 5”x14”..
One of a limited number of chrome covered drums produced by the Hinger Touch-Tone company in the 197..
This is the proto-type standard model 12”x15” Hinger Field drum.  This model was never produced..
This is a unique proto-Type drum with a 15 inch bottom and 14” top which gave the drum an extended c..
This rare early Jay Bird imitation from an unknown maker is an excellent sounding imitation of a jay..
Beautiful and rare all metal Jay Bird imitation with cap (Model No S-18),  as shown in the 1920..
Mr. HIngers’ pride and joy.  Mr. often said his favorite instrument was the cymbals.  This..
Genuine vintage early 20th century hand operated "motorcycle" klaxon horn on wooden stand. This is a..
An interesting piece of history from the Fred Hinger Collection.   The Klemm Brothers drum..
Vintage Lang Percussion castagnette machine formerly owned and played by Fred D. ("Dan") Hinger. The..