Snowshoe Pedal

New Snowshoe Pedal
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As shown in the attached 1928 Ludwig catalog, this is a model No 940 Charleston "Snowshoe" pedal. These are extremely hard to find in good condition. This pedal was no exception. Original web strap and gold paint make this pedal a nice match to an outfit with art gold hardware.. The cymbals are the original 10" stamped brass plates that produce the characteristic Charleston sound. The footboard is complete with the original heel stop and the original spring is in perfect condition. This pedal looks and plays great. These early 20th century pedals were a prized possession of the drummers of the era and they are must have accessory for any period outfit.

General Characteristics
Model No. 940
Era 1900-1928
Condition Very Good
Extra Holes or Modifications None
Date 1928