WFL Ray Bauduc Swing Model

WFL Ray Bauduc Swing Model
Product Code: DSN54
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Circa 1939 Ray Bauduc “Dixieland Swing” model snare drum with wood rims.  7”x14” wood 3 ply laminated shell with WMP finish, and  “Double Snare Strainer” known as the “Twin Sensitive.”
This is an excellent drum to add to your display collection.  We do not consider this a “player” although one might use it as such.  This drum had many problems when we received it.  The shell is “out of round”, the drum had been dropped and needed a patch in the WMP.  The rims ended up being replaced because of unrepairable damage to the original rims (they were replaced with original vintage wood rims).  However, the drum has all original lugs, tension rods, throw-off and snares.  The original hoop inlay was saved from the original rims. The drum turned out to be a very nice looking example of a “Swing” era snare drum  worthy of any collection but offered  at  a much lower price.

General Characteristics
Model Ray Bauduc Wood Rim Swing Model
Era 1929-1939
Condition Excellent, Completely Reconditioned
Extra Holes or Modifications Fully Restored
Date 1939
Hardware Finish Nickel
Drum Characteristics
Color Group White
Shell Size 7" x 14"
Hardware Type Imperial
Shell Construction Ply
Lug Count 8
Shell Finish White Marine Pearl
Badge Type Brass Keystone