Hinger Collection

Fred Hinger, renowned percussionist and timpanist, had a profound effect on the world of percussion due to his innovative approach to sound production and his development of innovative mallets, snare drums and tympani.  Mr. Hinger, along with his son, Bill, began and ran the Hinger Touch –Tone Company from the late 1960s through 1986.  The Hinger Collection presented below includes memorabilia, personal instruments played by Mr. Hinger, and instruments developed as prototypes for the Hinger Touch-Tone Company.  We’re honored to present this unique collection and hope our site visitors recognize and cherish these historic items as we do.

** Special Offer ** - Each item purchased from the Hinger Collection will be shipped with a free copy of the recording of the complete set of Hinger timpani solos "Solos for the Virtuoso Timpanist" as performed by long-time Hinger student and New York City based percussionist, David Nyberg.  

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