Leedy Solo-Tone Orchestra Bells

Leedy Solo-Tone Orchestra Bells
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Beautiful set of Leedy Solo-Tone wide bar orchestra bells custom fit to a new  solid oak case. This is a set of orchestra bells with 1 1/2” wide bars that are 3/8” thick. This set of bars has a clear Leedy brand and the great, warm sound one would expect from a vintage set of wide bar Leedy bells. The bars retain their original bright nickel plating and original tuning. They have been mounted in one of our custom bell cases allowing the accidentals to be set above and over the naturals making performance on this instrument easier and more comfortable. The case has a removeable top with padding to keep the bars in place during transport. The double, reinforced leather handles make the case easy to carry and the extra metal reinforcement bars around the corners protect the oak case from damage. Beautifully finished black interior, custom fitted rails and keybeds complete the case.  With the large 1 1/2" targets that these bars provide this instrument is very easy to play.  This is a great opportunity to acquire a professional level instrument with a sound quality only a vintage set of Leedy bars can produce.

General Characteristics
Model 5665 Solo-Tone
Era 1929-1939
Condition Excellent, Completely Reconditioned
Extra Holes or Modifications New Oak Case
Date 1933
Hardware Finish Nickel
Keyboard Characteristics
Octave Range 2 1/2
Note Range G - C
Tuning A = 440
Bar Finish Nickel
Bar Material Steel
Length 33 1/2"