Ludwig & Ludwig Inlay Super-Sensitive

Ludwig & Ludwig Inlay Super-Sensitive
Product Code: DSN102
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This is an exremely rare 6.5”x15” Ludwig & Ludwig Super-Sensitive Decorative Inlay snare drum dated between 1929 and 1932.  Ludwig introduced the Super-Sensitive model in 1929 and the reference to the “Decorative Inlay Finish”  disappears from the catalog in 1936. However because this drum does not have a “muffler”, which was introduced after 1932, we believe it falls between 1929 and 1932.  Interestingly Ludwig & Ludwig never list this finish for their snare drums. The catalog only shows their “Ludwig Super Bass Drum” with this finish, however, we have seen several snare drums and complete outfits with the “Decorative Inlay Finish”. This snare drum is in very good condition retaining over 95% of the original faux inlay finish. The clear lacquer finish has “crazed” over the years but is not distractive. The drum was missing some of the original throw-off parts when we received it but those have been replaced with original parts with the exception of the extension arms,  thumb knobs and snare guards, which are our reproduction parts copied from the originals.  Both the upper and lower snares are included and work perfectly. The plating is in very good condition on all the parts with the few replacement parts being newly re-plated.  Both top and bottom rims have “RIS.No1” engraved on them suggesting this drum might have originally belonged to a school. This engraving is professionally done and is not distracting. The drum sounds as big as you would expect from a 15” shell with a 6 ½” depth and solid mahogany shell. making this a nice drum for playing but because these drums are rare and the condition is excellent it would display nicely in a collection.

General Characteristics
Model Super Sensitive
Era 1929-1939
Condition Very Good
Extra Holes or Modifications None
Hardware Finish Nickel
Drum Characteristics
Color Group Natural Wood
Shell Size 6 1/2" x 15"
Hardware Type Tube Lugs
Shell Construction Solid Mahogany
Lug Count 10
Shell Finish Decorative Inlay Finish
Badge Type Oval Brass