Ludwig Special Deluxe Drum Outfit

Ludwig Special Deluxe Drum Outfit
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Super rare "Special Ludwig Deluxe Drum Outfit" from the late 1930's. As shown in the attached 1940 Ludwig catalog, this complete outfit as the pinnacle of the outfits offered by Ludwig during this era. It comes complete with a rolling console that wheels into place over the bass drum to make positioning this outfit on the stage an easy affair. The console comes complete with trap table, 6 cymbal arms of varying height and shape, temple block rack with set of 5 temple blocks, and two mounting arms for a snare drum and two tom toms. The console clamps to the BD counter hoop at the top near the player and at the bottom front to secure the BD in place. The four drums included in this outfit are all in beautifu, completely original condition. The White Avalon Pearl wrap is in excellent condition on all drums. It has yellowed slightly giving the drums a beautiful vintage patina. The snare drum (4006 stamp) is a 7x14 "Swing" model drum with extended snare bridges and standard strainer. The two tom toms (3905 stamp) have new tacked bottom heads. They come complete drum key mounts and drum keys. The aero-kraft bass drum (3912 stamp) is a full 28" drum so modern bass drum heads will fit the drum. It is a custom constructed drum with 9 double tension Imperial lugs rather than the normal 10 lugs. This give the drum more stability when attached to the console. The original Ludwig calf skin painted ressonant head is aa standard personalized head with the initials H.H. painted on the head. A period correct high sock cymbal stand, Racer bass drum pedal, and double pad muffler round out the outfit. We have many period correct cymbals, traps, arms and sound effects to round out the outfit. This is a truly unique opportunity to own one of the rarest and most attractive outfits that Ludwig made in the 1930's. All items pictured (listed below) are included in this outfit


  • 1  No. 35PV 7x14 White Avalon Pearl Standard and nickel "Swing"Snare Drum w/standard snare extension strainer
  • 1  No. 105PV 14x28 White Avalon Pearl and chrome separate tension bass drum
  • 1  No. 1027PV 9x13 single tension, key-rod,  White Avalon Pearl and chrome Tunable Tom Tom
  • 1  No. 1028PV 12x14 single tension, key-rod, White Avalon Pearl and chrome Tunable Tom Tom
  • 1  No. 1500 Wheel-away trap console
  • 1  No. 1501 Tom tom holder for two tom toms
  • 1  No. 1502 Snare drum holder arm
  • 1  Basket arms only for No. 331 to fit No.1502 arm
  • 1  No. 997 Temple Block Rack
  • 1  No. 998 Temple Blocks (set)
  • 1 No. 943 Hi-Sock Pedal
  • 1 No. 668 Muffler
General Characteristics
Model Special Deluxe
Era 1929-1939
Condition Excellent
Extra Holes or Modifications None
Date 1939
Hardware Finish Chrome
Drum Characteristics
Color Group White
Shell Size 4-piece
Hardware Type Imperial
Shell Construction Ply
Lug Count Varies
Shell Finish White Marine Pearl
Badge Type White Enamel