Slingerland Patrician Outfit

Slingerland Patrician Outfit
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One of the most elegant outfits ever produced by any American drum company, this is a complete Slingerland "Patrician" outfit as shown in the attached 1936 Slingerland catalog. The "Full Dress" finish of the bass drum and snare drum is a high gloss black duco with concentric diamonds of gold, red, and green sparkle pearl evenly spaced arund the shells. This combination colors produces a stunning overall effect. The hardware is all art gold including all trap mounting hardware, spurs, and pedal. The artist model snare drum is in beautiful all original condition. The 7" x 14" maple shell is an unusual size for this era. All hardware is art gold and the heads appear to be the original calf heads. The bottom head has a tear in it but we have left the drum in as found condition. The snares are original wire wound silk. The BD is complete with two Slingerland brand calf heads that are in nice, playable condition. A few of the sparkle diamonds on the bottom of the drum have been replaced. It was common for the bottom diamonds on these drums to come off during use. The replacements are well done though a little brighter than the originals. The BD hoop inlay is in tact and has a bieatiful orange/gold patina. All hardware is art gold with the exception of the lowboy sock cymbal. All mounts and hardware is Slingerland brand with the exception of the BD muffler which is a Leedy piece. All art gold hardware is in as found condition. It has a nice dark gold patina that could be brightened up with a little effort if desired. The temple blocks included with the outfit are ornate black and gold blocks. They are some of the nicest looking temple blocks we have ever seen and make a nice addition to the outfit. The set includes a fourth matching black temple block not pictured and two additional art gold temple block clamps. A full set of 5 traditional red temple blocks can be substituted for the black ones pictured if desired.

The complete outfit includes:

  • 28" x 14" Artist Full Dres Bass Drum
  • 14" x 7" Artist Model Snare Drum
  • No. 897 Professional SD Stand Art Gold
  • No. 1226 Trap Rail Art Gold
  • Set of 4 Ornate Black & Gold temple blocks
  • 5x No. 1220 Temple Block Clamps Art Gold
  • No. 718 10" x 4" Chinese Tom Tom
  • No. 1285 Rotary Tom Holder Art Gold
  • No. 805 Lowboy sock cymbal with deep cup cymbals Nickel
  • No. 724 Speed Pedal and Cymbal Striker Gold
  • No. 731 Shur-Grip Spurs Art Gold
  • No. 1343 Shur-Grip Cymbal Holder 
  • No. 751 10" Spun Brass Cymbal
  • No. 917 15" Chinese Cymbal
  • No. 1245 Shur-Grip Cymbal Arm and Adjustable Block
  • Leedy BD Muffler Art Gold

This is a collector quality set in "as found" condition that will make an eye catching addition to any collection display.


General Characteristics
Model Patrician Outfit
Era 1929-1939
Condition Excellent
Extra Holes or Modifications Some BD Diamonds restored
Date 1936
Hardware Finish Art Gold
Drum Characteristics
Color Group Black
Shell Size 28" x 14", 14" x 7"
Hardware Type Tube Lugs
Shell Construction Maple
Lug Count various
Shell Finish Full Dress
Badge Type Cloud